In support of our core services, we gather and process Corporate Actions (not including Resets) published on our NewsWire Service.  This covers all available Corporate Actions which could directly affect a security.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following categories:

Cancellation of Listing
New Listing
Early Redemption/Repurchase
Partial Redemption/Repurchase
Tender Offer

The Corporate Action files, delivered twice daily by 13.00PM and 17.00PM, includes ISIN, Issuer Name, Category, and summary of the Corporate Action, as well as a link to the original story.

Together with our Reset and DocuMentor Services we aim to provide the client with a ‘cradle to grave story’ for the lifetime of a security.  All data is available via a dedicated portal, permitting a search via the ISIN or Issuer Name.