“25 years ago it was comparatively easy to acquire a sound knowledge of the general investment field – [but now] the different types of securities have multiplied in number to an almost unlimited extent… “

John Moody… 1910

The hybrid instrument market started as far back as the 1850s with bonds containing equity based variations. Today, the same industry has exploded into a wide range of instruments that make the above quote still very contemporary!

The main instrument types dealt with by CT are listed below:

Basket Linked Notes
Commercial Paper
Covered bonds
Credit Card Backed Notes
Credit Linked Notes
Equity Linked Notes
Event Triggered Notes
Fixed (to Floating) Rate Notes
Floating Rate Notes
Index / Fx Linked Notes
Interest Rate Linked Notes
Limited Recourse Notes
Mortgage Backed Notes
Pass Through Credit Linked Notes
Range Accrual Notes
Structured Notes
Variable Rate Certificates of Deposit