Save precious time retrieving fixed income offering documents, including bond prospectuses and offering circulars, from multiple sources. Until now this has been a time-consuming and frustrating process. With our DocuMentor Service, you can gain access to our extensive library of legal terms, and supporting documentation for securities.

With over 600,000 fixed income offering documents at your fingertips, you can access all, including:

  • Offering circulars
  • Bond prospectuses
  • Pricing supplements
  • Term sheets

This database is continually growing as our research team track missing documents, and newly issued ones.

Documents are divided into two categories, the first being Legal Terms and Conditions for individual securities, and the second Base Prospectus plus supplements for Programmes under which many securities are issued.

Fields available in the files for Legal Terms and Conditions include:

ISIN Issuer Name
Date of Document Document Type
Listed Maturity Date

Through a client portal it is possible to search via ISIN, Issuer Name and Date Added, as well as download a document if required.

For Base Prospectus, fields available in the file include:

Issuer Name Document Type (Supplement or Base Prospectus)
Currency of Programme Programme Size
Programme Title Date of Document

Document files are delivered according to the schedule below:

Files Scheduled Time Available (all times quoted in GMT)
Actual documents Within 7 days of order receipt, or instantly via download from the client portal
Base Programme File 16:00 PM each Friday
New Documents File 16:00 PM each Friday