Founded in 2000, CapitalTrack Ltd (CT) is a financial data management company based in the UK. We collect, store and distribute operational data within the international Floating Rate, Asset Backed and Structured Securities markets – collectively the financial world’s most complex asset classes – primarily via our web-based platform.

In addition to our many years experience of handling data within this challenging area, we provide a single point of contact between the client and Calculation Agent for the majority of securities covered.

Our extensive offering includes the Reset Service (FRNs), providing information both processed in-house from multiple sources, and uploaded by Calculation Agents in a pre-agreed, standardised format. The data delivery, particularly using this single design process across all sources, enables a quick and efficient way for clients to automatically integrate the information into their systems.

We continually work towards increasing our coverage in the area of international Floating Rate, Asset Backed and Structured Securities markets by engaging directly with Paying Agents, Issuers, Calculation Agents etc. In particular, our focus is on Calculation Agents as their role in this challenging area is pivotal in providing accurate rate fix information to relevant parties e.g. Issuer, Paying Agent, Noteholder etc. We are proud of our ‘Straight Through Processing’ system, together with our in-house processing of rate fix notices on-the-day, providing a timely, efficient and accurate service to our clients.

And for our clients, we provide a bespoke and reliable service, customising our data delivery to fit with their operational requirements, with Customer Service also an essential part of our offering. Apart from providing a single point of contact, we also provide support in understanding the information provided when there are differences in what a client expects to see. Whether this is an adjustment to Interest Period or Payment Dates due to non-Business Days, or identifying rules applied to rounding up or down.

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