Data Management Resources - Service description
Data Structuring All operational data collected by CapitalTrack is automatically formatted and standardised to
industry / trade body requirements.

A validation / reconciliation service is available to help groups with their internal databases and
with those of their contractual counterparts.

Documents are available with transcribed fields in regulatory standardised format (MS Excel / XML).

Example of :        

Data Access CT uses its extensive data structuring experience to build a centralised digital library for clients
to use on a local or enterprise level.

Example of a data record :     
Web Based Tools CT offers the combination of web-based infrastructure with role-specific portals to
help groups with:

Event Management - Work flow tools providing re-set / payment schedules, re-set calculation
templates (+ authorisation loops) and full audit trail functionality.

Automated distribution / industry-wide networking - A global platform capability that all
parties can use to deliver and reconcile data to ensure accurate holdings and payment
servicing management